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Jazz PHOTO gimbal


The Jazz Photo gimbal has one axis (pitch) and is designed for taking aerial pictures. Unlike the Jazz DDG (Direct Drive Gimbals) the Foto gimbal is not electronically stabilized. It uses one servo for moving the pitch axis from horizontal view all the way down to 90o which makes it ideal for geophoto pictures. There is no need for electronic stabilization of two or three axis since the model flies very stable and when its in GPS mode it is perfectly horizontal so all you have to do is move the pitch axis in the angle you desire and shoot photos.

Jazz PHOTO gimbal
Jazz PHOTO gimbal


The advantages of this system are a lighter, cheaper gimbal which has lower power consumption.The results are longer flight times and a lighter drone.


The gimbal is designed for DSLRs. It can take small DSLRs up to 2kg. The Jazz Foto gimbal is designed to fit on a Jazz Hexa and Jazz Octocopter.



For extra heavy cameras with big and heavy lenses, you can put 2 servos on the same axis so you can double the torque power of the pitch axis to ensure the precise and vibration free movement of the whole range from perfectly horizontal down to 90o


All the pictures in the photo gallery are taken with this gimbal.



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